Retirement & Pensions

Over recent years there has been considerable political comment and press coverage regarding the level of the State Retirement Pension. Increasingly, the latest generation of retirees are finding that they will require more money for their life after work than the state pension can offer.

In today's uncertain economic climate, planning in advance for your retirement is vital to ensure that you have the capital to fulfil your plans and aspirations after you finish working. The Government is encouraging more people to build up a pension fund of their own.

Your eventual income may depend upon the size of the fund at retirement, future interest rates and tax legislation.

Tax Incentives

Pension funds in the UK benefit from significant tax incentives. These include allowing for any growth in the value of the pension fund to be free of tax. Under current legislation no benefits can be taken before age 55 except in exceptional circumstances.

Additionally, any contributions made to the pension fund by either you, or your employer, will qualify for tax relief within permitted limits.

Tax rules may change in the future and will depend on individual circumstances.